my family is headed to costco for dinner

anyone interested in playing me on quiz up in the grey’s category (or any other mutual fandom) my username is apskepner, duh.

The last two of three portraits released by Kensington Palace to celebrate Prince George’s first birthday

☄ Picture of you
♥ Name of crush
☯ Religion
✉ State of origin
♬ Favorite song/s
♪ Favorite band
☑ Full name
Ω Favorite Book
♘ Favorite Animal
✞ Are you religious
☥ Cats or dogs
☝ Dominant hand
♨ Ocean or Lake
♉ Star Sign
♧ Eye color
✌ Favorite character
✏ Writer or reader
☪ Hair color
♂ Gender
✈ Last vacation
☍ Silver or gold


when i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me


Grey’s Anatomy Winter Hiatus Filler → one gifset per episode
"Fear (Of the Unknown)", 10x24

Anonymous said:
Emily Fields?

no em! sorry

whereisyourassbutt said:
Meredith Grey??

MERRRRRRe i love!! so much!! if it was top 11 she’d be there 

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